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The Christian holy book speaks to us with both history and prophecy. It tells us what came before and what is soon to be. In a startling prediction, we may read the last message of warning before the world's destruction.

This warning message, explained by the Three Angels in Revelation 14, comes in three parts. Each of these warnings is critical for the entire world to hear.

  • The first angel tells us to worship the Creator God, the One who made the heaven, the earth, and the sea. We must worship the Creator because the hour of His judgment has arrived. The first angel tells us how we can know this God and be prepared to pass through judgment.

  • The second angel warns us about religious apostasy at the time of the end. We are told to 'come out' of religious systems that do not honor the Creator God and His revealed Word.

  • The third angel warns us that the evil one will work through the apostate religious system to create one final attack against the Creator God and His people. There will be a “mark” placed upon those who follow the evil one, and those who remain true to God will be persecuted. But God will pour out His judgments upon those who have this terrible mark. His people, who have faith and obedience, will be saved out of the desolations of a dying planet. They will go to heaven with God and will watch as He recreates the world in its original perfection.

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